The Walkway , Ridgeway and Trackway
References towards the Neolithic
While building three new neighborhoods in Laag Dalem Zuid (Gorinchem NL) one of the oldest neolithic
sites of Holland was found. Here on the site a lot of archaeological finds are preserved. The ‘Take place’
is an undeveloped area that looks rather boring, in the ground undoubtedly very interesting finds from the
former neolithic habitat.
For the assignment on this location we used the form of the original neolithic habitat.
In three different ways we would like to make people , who are going to live in the three new to build
area’s, aware of thousands of years of habitation and years to come on this location.
The Walkway, the Ridgeway and the Trackway resemble the future , the present and the past that make
this neighborhood so special
The Walkway (future)
The walkway is a play object for the new build school.
The Ridgeway (present)
The Ridgeway is a (time)line “now” which connects the three new ‘habitats’ together.
At the crossways with the water are art islands.
On every one of the three mounds a part of the line will cross. The line is taken from the form of the Neo-
lithic sites mapping position and has been mirrored and enlarged and then placed to form a link for the
three mounds.
The Trackway (Past) (Under construction)
the trackway is the original place of the archeological find. This will be made more visible by the ground
being slightly raised, again in the form of the original mapping position.