In Neolithic times their was no writing but their where signs and
inscriptions found in many different forms.
To form a link between the three mounds of Laag Dalem and to
reflect the time line that has been created with the new
neighbourhood being built we have chosen for the coded system of
Morse to stamp out the words NU (Dutch for ‘now’) in the form of a
dotted line which has been mapped out to the mirrored enlarged line
in the same form as the archaeological find. The line of dash dot dot
dash is represented by two poles as the dash and three trees as the
dots and will be represented as a broken time line which is visible
enough to be recognizable as something with a meaning. A link that
will be scattered through all three of the mounds.
Stainless steel and willow trees, One part = two stainless steel poles
and three willow trees ± 20m, Stainless steel poles 1.20m, three
cormorants 55cm, In total of 30 parts spread through the